Moon up – Moon down


163 Page Hardback Book


John Alden Knight’s story of the Solunar Theory

John Alden Knight, considered by many to be the dean of modern sportsmen, was the author of many books and magazine articles. He originated the barometric theory of fishing, tied and used the first nymph flies in the United States. He lectured on fishing at Columbia University from 1938 to 1940 and was the author of the first nationally syndicated newspaper column on hunting and fishing. Among his honors are: the first writer to receive the Gold Plaque of the Hunting and Fishing Hall of Fame and the Dolphin Award from the Fishing Hall of Fame.

Moon Up – Moon Down is John Alden Knight’s story of the discovery of an old-time market hunter’s scheduling and his perfecting of it through not only observation but research. – The SOLUNAR TABLES®

Out-of-print for many years, this is the full original text with a brief afterword that brings the story of the SOLUNAR TABLES® up-to-date.

Mr. Knight’s son, Richard Alden Knight, grew up on hunting and fishing and worked very closely in perfecting the SOLUNAR TABLES® to their present high degree of accuracy. He was also the author of many books and magazine articles. He was a professional fly casting champion, trap and skeet shooting champion and held, at various times, 19 national and international awards. He was also the youngest member of The Fly Fishing Hall of Fame where he and his father were the first father and son combination ever admitted.


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